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January 14, 2017


Dear Friends of Nanny Maroon Hills Productions


As we begin our new trip around the Sun in 2017, we here at Nanny Maroon Hills

Productions wish you joy, love, health and prosperity for this new year!


Many of you receiving this letter are our customers who enjoy one or more of our products

This is a gentle reminder that we have a variety of products that have been wild crafted

thereby supporting local economy, while leaving a very light carbon footprint on the planet.

We understand that many of you do not use or have access to a computer so below you

will find a list of our many products. If you do have access to the internet, please use this

reminder to check out our website at for an informative

and comprehensive preview, healing properties and photos of most of our products.

There you will also find information regarding any drug interaction, natural remedies for

everyday ailments, and also ways to stay young, lose weight, clean water and avoid most

illnesses including the common cold.


Some of the items we provide are:

  • Dried Organic Roots Tonic
  • Liquid Organic Roots Tonic
  • Moringa Seeds
  • Moringa Oil
  • Moringa Capsules
  • Moringa Powder
  • Turmeric Capsules
  • Sour Sop Leaves
  • Local Honey
  • Golden Honey
  • Guinea Hen Weed Tea
  • Guinea Hen Weed Capsules
  • Collidal Silver Water
  • Bissey Kola Nut
  • 5 N 1 (Relief of symptoms of Chikunguna and Zika virus)


One love,


The Team at Nanny Maroon Hills Productions

Elleston Wright

Jeannie Harden

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