Target of Therapeutic Action


Target of Therapeutic Action

Cardiovascular – relating to the heart and the blood vessels or the circulation
Cerebral – relating tho the cerebrum (cerebral cortex and ganglia)
Dental – relating to the teeth
Endocrine – relating to internal secretions, most commonly into the systemic circulation
Ear, Nose, and Throat – relating to disorders of the ear, nose and throat
Female Reproductive – relating to the reproductive organs of a woman
Genitourinary – (syn Urogentital) relating to the organs of reproduction and urination
Gastrointestinal – relating to the stomach and intestines
Immune – relating to the system responsible for keeping te body from acquiring a given infectious disease
Liver and Kidney
– relating to disorders of the liver and kidney
Mental Disorder – relating to disorders of the mind
Male Reproductive – relating to the reproductive organs of a man
Musculoskeletal – relating to muscles and to the skeletal
Neoplasms – relating to abnormal tissue growth or tumor formation
Nervous – relating to a nerve or the nerves
Nutritional Disorders – relating to the process of nourishing by food or related substances
Obstetrics/Gynecologic – relating to the medical care of women during pregnancy and childbirth
Ophthalmalic – relating to the eye
– relating to unpleasant sensory and/or emotional experience associated with actual tissue damage or uterine contractions in childbirth
Poisoning – relating to the administratering of any substance (a poison) either taken internally or applied externally that is injurious to health or dangerous to sustaining life
Respiratory – relating to respiration
Skin – injuries relating to the damage or wound or trauma
Unspecified Systemic Disorders – relating to the entire body as distinguished from any of its individual parts

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