Jamaican Marijuana: Spiritual/Medicinal.


Smoking of ganja at privately-occupied residences that are not used for commercial purposes is not an offense, but is governed by the rules on possession of ganja referred to BELOW.


1.This Fact Sheet sets out the main changes that have been made to the Dangerous Drugs Act (the “DDA”

).2.Recent amendments to the DDA made by the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act 2015 will introduce several important changes to the way the DDA will operate in relation to ganja.

3.When the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act 2015 comes into effect, new provisions will bein place regarding the possession and smoking of ganja, use of ganja by persons of the Rastafarian faith, and use of ganja for medical, therapeutic and scientific purposes.

4.The Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act 2015 came into operation on the 15thday of April, 2015

.5.Some aspects of the new law will not be operational until regulations,which are being developed,are put in place.

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Cultivation of Ganja by householders

Each household is allowed to legally grow no more than five ganja plants on their premises. If there is more than one household on any premises,each household may grow five ganja plants.

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Possession of Ganja

6.Possession of 2ounces or less of ganja is no longer an offense for which one can be arrested,charged and have to go to court, and it will not result in a criminal record.

7.However, the police may issue a ticket to a person in possession of 2 ounces or less of ganja1, similar to a traffic ticket, and the person has 30 days to pay the sum of J$500 at any Tax Office.

8.A person who is found in possession of 2 ounces or less and who is under the age of 18years,or who is 18years or older and appears to the police to be dependent on ganja,will also be referred to the National Council on Drug Abuse for counseling, in addition to having to pay the ticket.

9.It remains a criminal offense to be in possession of over2 ounces of ganja, and offenders can be arrested, charged,tried in court and, if found guilty, sentenced to a fine or to imprisonment or both. The conviction will also be recorded on that person’s criminal record.

10.The rules against possession of ganja summarized at 7, 8 and 9 above do not apply to any of the following:Possession of ganja for religious purposes as a sacrament in adherence to the Rastafarian faithPossession of ganja for medical or therapeutic purposes as recommended or prescribed by a registered medical doctor or other health practitioner or class of practitioners approved by the Minister of HealthPossession of ganja for purposes of scientific research that is conducted by an accredited tertiary institution or is approved by the Scientific Research Council1The ticket is called a “fixed penalty notice” in the DDA.

3Possession of ganja pursuant to a license, authorization or permit issued under the DDA.Smoking of Ganja

11.Smoking of ganja in a public place or within five meters of a public place is prohibited in a manner similar to cigarettes.

12.A person who smokes in public cannot be arrested or detained. However,the police may issue a ticket to that person, who will have 30 days to pay $500 at any Tax Office.

13.For the purposes of these smoking rules, a public place includes a workplace, and any place which is for the use of,or accessible to,the public, such as sidewalks, bus stops, restaurants,offices, educational institutions, pharmacies, hospitals, areas used by children, supermarkets and parks.

14.Smoking of ganja at privately-occupied residences that are not used for commercial purposes is not an offense, but is governed by the rules on possession of ganja referred to above.

15.Furthermore, smoking of ganja will be legally permitted in places that are licensed for the smoking of ganja for medical or therapeutic purposes. Adherents of the Rastafarian faith will also be permitted to smoke ganja for sacramental purposes in locations registered as places of Rastafarian worship. Failure to pay aticket16.It is an offense to fail to pay a ticket that has been issued for smoking ganja

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