Introducing: The Maroon Bush Doctor, Herbal Physician: Elleston Wright


My name is Elleston Wright and I go by the name of Prophet Ashantti.  I was born a direct descendant of Nanny of the Maroons. My ancestors are buried in the Moore Town/Nanny Maroon Town Cemetery located in the Rio Grande Valley of Portland, Jamaica.

At the age of 17, I began making roots for my family.  By age 21, I was a full fledged Maroon Bush Doctor/Herbal Physician.  I know full well that the Ashanti people from Africa transcended the secrets to the Maroons of Jamaica through Nanny the Maroon Queen,  hence, I am a keeper of the Herbal Maroon Roots and Culture.

My African /Jamaican heritage I accept with pride and I am willing to share my knowledge and experiences with people worldwide.  Over my 25 years of practicing, I have had the opportunity of healing and working with people as far away as America,  Canada,  England,  Italy,  France,  Germany,  Belgium, Africa,  Mexico and many other international territories. I have been honored and challenged to work with people with a diverse set of ailments.

Right now I am willing and eager to serve and assist my worldwide family with my knowledge and experience in the new world healing process.

My African ancestors always said, “let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

Plant what you eat,and eat what you grow!

Prophet Ashantti

Maroon Bush Doctor


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64 Responses to “Introducing: The Maroon Bush Doctor, Herbal Physician: Elleston Wright”

  1. U would like to know more about the maroons my gran father is from mil bank ,get back soon i am a maroon as well

    • Hi prudence

      How are you? Fine I hope.Yes my family are the Osbournes,It’s nice to hear from you,and I would love to share thoughts with you about the maroons,all my immediate past relative are buried in the Moore town cemetery yes I know mil Bank it seems you are one of my distance cousins,please call me at 1876 957-02 59. your yank kun kun pikybo cousin, Mr Elleston Wright,Blessed Be.

      • Hello, my name is Monica and my grandmother family name was Osbourne, born in moore town as was my mother born in moore town. I was born in England and curious to know if I am of maroon decent.

      • Hello,

        My name is Brittany Osbourne-Derenoncourt. I was born in Florida, and my father is from Milbank. I was told that my grandfather Uriah Osbourne descends from Maroons. I would love to learn more about my Maroon heritage, and connect with other Maroons.

  2. Greetings and Blessings,my friend tells me that maybe you can Help,I need something to make my penis bigger ,my wife is a very big woman and i love her ,after the babies she became even bigger down there ,I can not satisfie her anymore ,need your honesty as a Good Doctor ,
    Do you anything to make me Bigger?
    With Deepest Respect

    • Hi Frank

      How are you? Fine I hope, good to hear from you. I will be more than willing to help you.
      Over my twenty years of practice I have dealt with cases like this before,don’t feel anyway you are not alone
      and I have a special herbs to deal with you case,I will make a special roots tonic brew for you and I ship it in the 2 liter
      Pepsi plastic bottle,when you get it you can put it in a glass container,you will see the results as soon as three
      months that will be a 2 liter bottle each month,the herbs take a little time to go to work on your system as it is total organic,you will be pleased,the price is 70 us dollars that includes shipping and it takes three weeks for it to arrive to you.
      you will be required to drink a quarter cup of this roots twice daily and yes it will increase the size of your penis and increase your sex drive.So please call me at 1876-957-02-59 so we can finalize the arrangements.Thank you,hope to hear from you soon,Mr Elleston Wright ,Maroon bush doctor.

  3. I woiuld like to find out about moroons my mother is a ertiaget about my hbut sshe died so I would like to find out what part of jamaica I can come to find out about my hertiage.

  4. greetings rastaman in the holy,royal, and divine name of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY HAILE SELASSIE THE FIRST! EMPEROR: OF ANCIENT ABYSSINIA, CUSH:ETHIOPIA. I Would like to get more information on your herbal holistic healing because I have been suffering with chronic bowel movement for a long time which leads to other problems such as back problems and lack of vigor and vitality. please email any helpful information you have on holistic health and healing and when i can schedule an appointment for a office visit. JAH LIVE’S !{ISAIAH CHAPTER 9 VERSES 6 TO 7}.

  5. Good morning,

    Mr. Wright just wanted to say I appreciate the site. I just ran into it and think it is great. I am also an Ashanti (Yankupon Pikin) but born in Brooklyn, NY I am very interested in learning more about your practices and herbs. I have a large keloid on the back of my scalp that has only gotten worse. I have gone to doctors and used all kinds of medicines I have even tried changing my eating habits but failed have you ever dealt with any case like this?

  6. Going as far back as i know my family have the last name Moore and are from portland and are also maroon. Do you have any knowledge of them or just any knowledge of the maroons you could share with me?

  7. have you got any remedy for a condition of blood in the discharge

  8. Hello, I have a fanpage on facebook.

    I just introduced your site to my fans this morning and I ‘d like to interview you. How can we connect??

    Bless up,
    Charmaine “JamaicaJones” Jennings

  9. Have you considered adding a few social bookmarking buttons to these blogs. At least for twitter.

  10. […] About: The Maroon Bush Doctor, Herbal Physician: Elleston Wright …By age 21, I was a full fledged Maroon Bush Doctor/Herbal Physician. I know full well that the Ashanti people from Africa transcended the secrets to the Maroons … […]

  11. DO you have any experience curing uterine fibroids?

  12. yo did u no nanny was the next in line to be a queen in the gold coast and they move her and her family out of africa so the british could get the gold out of africa link me up when your ready we can reason bless one my family is wright to.

  13. Christiana Says:

    Hi, My great grandmother was born in Moore town, Portland, so was her mother whos maiden name was B.Ferguson, marrIed a bernard and Her mother’s name was Aida Burke. Just wondered if you knew of theme or any relatives?

  14. Mark Wright Says:

    I would like to speak with about your products



  15. Mark Wright Says:

    I will email you about a concern I have to see if you can help.



  16. stephanie hendrickson Says:

    Hello Prophet Ashantti, I am a descendent of the maroons as well. My family is from Moore Town and their name is McGowan and Mcfarlane. I would like to know more about the maroons as well and how to find my ancestral lineage. My grandmother was the last link I had to my lineage of maroons, but she has passed away. Can you provide me with some information. I also know that my family owns bath fountain I don’t know if that helps any.

  17. Hello, I am a 26yrs old women and I have been exposed to herpes simplex virus(type 1 & type 2)…I also was advised that I polycystic ovary syndrome which has caused 8 to 10 small cysts to grow on my ovaries and has caused my monthly cycles to stop all together. I heard about the methods of the bush doctor’s and I just wanted to know if there is anything that you would be able to assist with eliminating these problems. PLEASE let me know if there is anything that you can recommend. Thanks in advance.

  18. Need of assistance Says:

    Hey!! My boyfriend have a blockage in is tube so he can’t produce sperms so I would like u to help mi out we would really appericiate it ok!!! Thanks

  19. good 9nit sir how can I get ur number 4 my dad in Jamaica because he is very sick and would 2 come and see u pls

  20. latoya patten Says:

    Can u heal cancer

  21. sandra martin Says:

    Hi family,
    i trust all is well

  22. I saw an email come through but for some strange reason when i clicked on it, it disappeared. I searched for it but unfortunately it seemed to have been one of those that is set to a time scale. Don’t know how it happened but this is not the first, usually when the email is spam. Anyway just wanted to let you know in the event you had message me. I am on facebook.

  23. how can i get the herbs that am looking for can u help me ,thanks u

  24. francilla daves Says:

    I need an herb to lower my blood pressure

  25. like your page

  26. I will have to know how can I learn bush medicine. Thank u

  27. Chantelle Payne Says:

    I am really interested I herbal healing and medicine. Finding my purpose

  28. Hello, my Grandmother is suffering from pinched nerve, which causes her to feel severe neck, shoulder and arm pain…do you have anything that can help her?

  29. I am looking for your help please contact me

  30. Hi l am Wayne Gordon I Live in America I have been married for 22 years my mother Inlaw give me something bad to eat years of go and over The last few years my stomach have gotten really bad I am looking for the medicine to take the bad stuff out of my stomach it make people not see the good in me I would like talk to somebody you have my email address my contact number is 1(845)893-0775 I also would like The medicine that makes your Penis bigger please contact me at your Earliest convenience thanks

  31. Zahfar Rashied Says:


    I am grateful too have the invitation too your sight, I thank God most merciful.
    The many healing herbs of Jamaica have kept my interest for years.

    I would like too visit you in Portland, and
    and too put abreast of what you will share of knowledge about. “The Maroons” and the healing properties of Herbs.

    Many are suffering from Diabetes and Cancers here in America, I know there is a cure.


    Is there anything a regular grassroots warrior like me can bring you ?

  32. Hi mr Bush Doctor
    Could i get your phone number please.

  33. Fitzroy Dyer Says:

    Blessings,, I know someone with a bad ucler stomach, n doctors can’t seems to find a remedy, I want to contact u for some help,u can email me with ur number so we can talk,thanks in advance.

  34. I want to try your herb for my penis size

  35. rohan morgan Says:

    good morning to you, my girlfriend has the muscles sickness myasthenia gravis, doctor say that there is no cure for it.have you ever heard of it and is there any herbal remedies for it?

  36. good morning to you, my girlfriend has the muscles sickness myasthenia gravis, doctors say that there’s no cure for it.have you ever heard of it and is there any herbal remedies for it

  37. Candace Johnson Says:

    My boyfriend has been experiencing burning sensation in his groin area. Maybe its his gallbladder doctors tested him for several illness but unsure. Can you recommend anything.

  38. I have an anxiety problem that has been embarrassing me from I was a child doing exams. Now I have stomach problems and the doctors want to prescribe tablets. However I prefer the herbal way. Please help me

  39. Petarea Hall Says:

    My name is Pet I have a 5 years old son Doctors say he is Autistic.
    Do you have any medicine for this.
    He is very active but Crys a lot I wish I could understand how is brain works.
    Sometimes he have trouble sleeping.

  40. Where can in Jamaica can I study herbology?

  41. Ava Palmer Says:

    what about fibriod what can i take.

  42. What do you have for diabetes?

  43. Shankia walker Says:

    Dear herbalist name is I beeping going to the doctor each anday every tims.for a painful lump that come up in my leaf breast.I being heading to the hospital for over 8 months now.they told me that I have hormone imbalance. I being feeling my leaf best and chest plate.they give me 35 different type of pills to takes.its won,the help me at am going 24 yes old now.I have no I really want to have one now.I try to get pregnant every months.nothing I was wondering if you could please help me with my issues. I will be thank full if you come .give me your contact details. So I can call find your and my mom willing to come visit your place for help.thank you so much for your time.and am looking forward for your comment or reply back.thank you.n

  44. Shankia walker Says:

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  45. Patricia stephenson Says:

    Hello how r u can u tell me what is gud to cure heel spurr my friend been suffering from that for a long time

  46. Falon J Mckinney Says:


    Do you offer educational trips to the forest with the goal to learn more about herbs and blending herbs?

  47. Skin l ession

  48. Mark Wright Says:

    What do you have for pyronie disease slot
    of men suffer from that all over the world and
    I am one of them

  49. Suzette Campbell Says:

    I need to contact you in desperate need of healing the body on dialysis

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