Moringa OIL, Otherwise Known as Ben Oil, Check Out It’s Health Benefits‏

Ben oil, is oil extracted from the seeds of the Moringa oleifera or horseradish tree enriched with fatty acids. Ben oil has been used for centuries in perfumes and other cosmetics.

Ben oil sparked interest in many countries thousands of years ago, especially in Jamaica, it was used to lubricate little machines like clocks and watches in the nineteenth century. Ben oil is colourless and odorless with a pleasant nut like taste enriched with powerful antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C and saturated fatty acids. Ben oil got its name because it contains high amount of behenic acid and was commonly used for cooking, as a lubricant and in cosmetics as mentioned before. Ben oil has many uses, it is found as an ingredient in hair care products, massage oil, lip balms, hand lotions, face creams, deodorants, soaps and body washes.




$45 for 1 0z

$25 for 1/2 oz

Ben oil, also known as behenic oil contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, which is beneficial for the healing of insect bites, scrapes, rashes and burns. Ben oil is a healthy choice for many dishes, it can be used in salad dressings and marinades. Although it can be used for cooking, its low level of production makes it less available for that purpose and this cannot be used as a dietary supplement. Ben oil is one of the most exotic and highly sought out of all the world’s many oils and have a shelf life of up to five years, it is prized for its beautifying ingredient which contains anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties


Health Benefits

Moringa oil also known as Ben oil have been used to treat scurvy because of its richness in vitamin C, it treats joint pains, rheumatism, skin disease, dermatitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, strengthens the cuticles and thus promotes healthy nails, acts as a akin toner, mixed with brown sugar it can be use as scrub for the  rough areas on the body like the elbow, it can also be mixed with coconut oil to remove make-up, it boosts the body’s energy levels, excellent for people with insomnia and protects the bones from diseases like osteoporosis.

Ben oil is a valuable oil in the cosmetic industry because of its moisturizing, emollient and cleansing properties and is exceptionally famous for the numerous benefits that it offers.






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